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At Mayaprin, we firmly believe that constant innovation
is the only path to success

Our essence drives us to implement new and improved actions that ensure the satisfaction of our customers, boost the efficiency of our operations, and exceed industry standards. We are convinced that a robust quality control system is the cornerstone for achieving our goals.


Among the certification plans we have drafted for our future, we meticulously implemented actions to safeguard the quality of all our processes and final products. To centralize and manage these measures, since June 2022, we accelerated the growth of our Integrated Management Systems Department.


Now comprised of more than ten professionals, this unit is solely dedicated to managing aspects of the following:

Control vs. assurance

We understand the processes, controls, and measurements as part of the internal quality control of producing any printed material. Simultaneously, quality assurance is oriented towards the quality of the processes and finished products.

The areas that make up the Integrated Management Systems Department work

with autonomy, yet complementing tasks like:

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We create color reference booklets and Pantone® reproduction tests that our clients must approve before producing any material. We also conduct glue and tear tests.

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We maintain an orderly and clean environment for our employees and encourage the use of personal protective equipment. We sample raw materials and inputs to ensure they are free from contaminants of any kind.

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We conduct random reviews of inks, paper rolls, and other inputs to ensure their quality, even though all our suppliers are certified.

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Our professionals have instruments such as micrometers, calipers, spectrophotometers, gloss meters, abrasion testers, and spectrodensitometers, among other tools, to accurately evaluate each material and its reproduction.

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We generate a matrix of requirements, numerical values, and tolerances to evaluate each production process and final materials before delivery. As a result, we’ve experienced substantial improvement in customer satisfaction.

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Weekly and monthly, we measure our results to identify improvement opportunities, avoid reprocessing, and make relevant decisions.

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We take pride in assuring our clients that we work daily to strengthen our internal systems further and ensure their total satisfaction with our service. We advance firmly into the future, committed to providing printing solutions that surpass industry quality standards.

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