Green and upright actions,
aligned with our corporate values.

At Mayaprin, we stand firm on our commitment to sustainable development. Ensuring the responsible management of natural resources and the welfare of our operational spaces is our priority and a way of giving back to the forests, which allow us to do what we like the most. For this reason, we only use eco-friendly high-quality supplies.

See the environmental initiatives
we have implemented in our production process.


Our providers are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). In this way, we are fully confident that our products are manufactured with paper obtained from sustainably managed forests. The mill broke and waste paper of every project we work on is recycled daily.


As a non-polluting alternative, we use mineral oil free offset inks, developed with organic and renewable raw materials, like resin and vegetable oils.
Printing plates
Thanks to technological innovation focused on the compliance of quality standards in a more ecological way, we use a nonchemical printing system to elaborate our products, and the aluminum of the printing plates is recycled monthly.

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